Varga Feri & Balássy Betty – Pop singers’ album and ad photos

Arts Illustrated Studios: Music album photography for the Hungarian Pop Duo

Varga Feri & Balássy Betty, the Hungarian pop duo, are extremely talented musicians who have already made several music albums. The Budapest film and photography studio Arts Illustrated Studios was very happy to work with them to create portrait photos for their albums.

Music Album Photography: “At the right time in the right place” and “Jazz together”

The aim of Arts Illustrated Studios was to faithfully reflect the individuality of Feri Varga & Balássy Betty and the different styles of the two albums with the help of portrait photos. The pop style of the album “Jókor jó helyen” and the jazz atmosphere of the album “Jazz kettesben” required unique photos of both artists.

Photographing Music Albums with passion

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to work with such talented artists as Feri Varga & Betty Balássy. The studio is passionate about photographing music albums, and places great emphasis on ensuring that each portrait photo matches the mood of the album and the individuality of the artist.