R-GO – Pop band photography, Budapest, Hungary

Arts Illustrated Studios: Pop band photography for R-GO band

The Hungarian pop music group R-GO was founded by Róbert Szikora. Arts Illustrated Studios was asked to create album covers and image photos for the band.

A unique style from the thirties

Their stage appearance was inspired by the appearance of Jenő Rejtő’s foreign legion era of the thirties, which they combined with the current trend. The R-GO girls, the two dancing girls who move in sync, have been a characteristic component of the band since its early days.

Taking photos in the sand mine

Arts Illustrated Studios organized a photo shoot for the band in a sand mine near Budapest. The location was perfectly suited to the band’s visuals, so the images get the expected effect. The images obtained their final form after digital post-processing.

An authentic R-GO experience

Arts Illustrated Studios paid a lot of attention to ensuring that every image was perfect and reproduced the visuals of the R-GO band. The end result is a series of album cover and image photos that are worthy of the visuals of the R-GO band and represent the band excellently.