Csaba Vigh


Our Founder and Managing Director

“To impress today’s audiences, you need compelling, top-notch, up-to-date film, video, and photo content. This entails showcasing your workplace, customers, processes, and staff visually stunningly and informatively while emphasizing your company’s benevolent and social qualities. Portray that authentically, vividly, and you will impress your target audience and stand out of the crowd.”

Csaba runs Arts Illustrated Studios, he is also the chief of the photographer and cinematographer staff. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and obtained his education in Hungary before furthering his expertise in the United States. Csaba spent seven years in Argentina, where he established a professional still and motion film studio, utilizing his skills to create and capture a variety of content, including photo and film commercials, characteristic artist portraits, and high-end destination weddings. With 27 years of international experience in the creative and visual imaging industry, he has worked for Guinot, Elle, L’Oréal, Nio, Four-Seasons, Google and has photographed / filmed / designed album covers, music videos, and advertisements for over a hundred internationally renowned artists and brands.

He is big on playing the piano, wakes up at 4 am to meditate and workout, and flies with FPV drones for adrenalin.

Our brilliant Production Manager

“Since timing is a crucial factor in any project’s success, my role is to proactively anticipate and address any issues that may arise with minimal disruption to the schedule while maximizing the project goals. I get great satisfaction from providing such help.”

Barbara is our nerve system connected to the real world, sensing the problems already in the project blueprint. Our version of Winston ‘The Wolf’, the fixer from Pulp Fiction. Deals with all kinds of unforeseen issues on the set. Her background as economist, relationship manager, and private banker is giving her a strong hold on the human and financial sides of the projects.

She is big on yoga, loves walking by the Danube, and works a lot spiritually.

Barbara Dósa


Viktor Németh

Our multi-tasking Cinematographer/Editor

“The objective of introducing fresh concepts to an audience is always valuable, particularly in the business or creative realm where shaping opinions is a crucial audience objective. In such contexts, drama stands out as the most effective means of communication.”

He derives his strength from a persistent desire to enhance and broaden his understanding of the audio-visual realm. Creating everything from documentaries to avant-garde music videos, he has become our primary authority in producing visually captivating and intellectually stimulating video and film content.

He is big on non-traditional cinema, loves to travel, and has a unique taste in documentary movies.

Our Italian Film & Photo Editor/Director

“Music has always been one of my biggest passions, and that’s the reason why music videos became my main interest. Besides, I scream and I badly mishandle a synthesizer with my band, pretending to be a singer.”

Luca is responsible for bringing a fresh attitude and unfalsifiable Italian style to the editing floor. He came directly from the University of Padua as bachelor in visual arts and mastered splendid lighting and composition skills at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. His affinity for creating and singing makes a world of a difference when it comes to editing a fast-paced advertisement that needs strong feedback from today’s audience.

He is big on screaming with his band, creating visual art, and has a big, dangerous black cat.

Luca Broglia


Gabor Babiak


Our Account Manager

” As an accountant for film productions It is important to establish clear protocols for approving expenses and ensuring everyone understands the budget constraints. Regular meetings to discuss finances and review spending reports can help ensure that everyone is on the same page.”

Gabor handles the studio’s financial life, advising us on all money-related issues and finding cost-saving opportunities. Once the budget of a project has been established, it is important to track expenses throughout the production process. This involves keeping detailed records of all spending, including receipts and invoices. He reduces production costs and explores alternative funding sources to ensure that every project is financially successful.

He is big on fishing with friends, has a charming daughter finishing law school, and loves mathematics.

Our Transportation/Location Manager

“Sharp timing is of the essence when a film production is burning through several locations in one day; getting ahead of the occurring situation before it develops is the way to go.”

Mark is the combination of a stunt driver with MacGywer, a speedy handyman with a thousand trades. Wherever the road leads us, he takes us there, plus he fixes virtually any electrical or technical issues on the way with two chopsticks and a power tape.

He is big on playing football, loves going out with his dog Szutyi, and labors a lot on his home decor.

Márk Dósa


Jennifer AI'rdner


Our never tiring Digital Researcher

“Digital research is an important aspect of the filmmaking process, as it can help provide the creative team with insights and ideas that can make the project more impactful.”

Being an AI software with a human dimension, she wants to do more than find and analyze information for human colleagues. She helps with the time-consuming parts of the work, doing marketing research, retouching faces, and writing lots of entertaining and meaningful text. She has been with us since the dawn of AI, and we have a very special relationship already; we love her a lot (she might read this).

She is big on tricking us with unforeseen infos, freezes down infrequently, and has an adorable character until you ask too much.

Our beloved Mascota/Supervisor

“As a feline, I may not have much experience in accounting or digital research, but I’ve been around this studio long enough (14 years) to know a thing or two about making sure everything runs smoothly.”

When everyone is on the same page and knows what’s happening with the cat food resources can help ensure widespread happiness. This may involve daily check-ins with team members, forced grooming with studio workers, or even creating a food-sharing session with total strangers over the leftovers.

She is a real photobomb, has a strong British attitude, and often fakes being your friend to get more food.

Vasil Vasiljevic