Sentimento – Artist photography

Artist photography: Gyula Horváth Sentimento – violinist

Gyula Horváth, who has been playing the violin since the age of 6, has presented his art on several domestic and foreign stages during his long and successful career. He also performed at the Sydney Opera House, Scala in Italy, Switzerland and China and played as a Hungarian artist in front of audiences in 28 countries.

Photography of the violinist, which reflects the emotions and personality of the artist

During the music portraits for Sentimento, Arts Illustrated Studios worked to show the emotional and personal side of the artist through the photos. However, the portraits do not only present the artist but also the Hungarian cultural heritage that he represents. The photos that reflect emotions and identity fit perfectly with Gyula Horváth’s art and present the culture he represents in a worthy way.

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to have been able to work on the photography of such an excellent artist as Gyula Horváth and to have participated in the promotion of Hungarian culture.