Széles Izabella – Pop Singer commercial photography

Arts Illustrated Studios – Pop singer commercial photography with S’Iza

We can get to know the lesser-known side of Izabella Széles’ life in the advertising photoshoot of Arts Illustrated Studios, which we did for the pop singer known today by her stage name S’Iza. During the photoshoot, the goal was to create images that would reflect the talent and unique personality of the pop singer, in line with her look and style.

Early years and musical career

S’Iza was originally born in Peru as Isabel Sijuas Rode and was placed in an orphanage when she was one and a half years old. Adolf Széles, former Hungarian ambassador in Lima, adopted him, as he and his wife could not have children of their own. At the age of four, he moved back to Hungary, where he started attending elementary and music school. In his musical career, he won many awards and appeared in several productions.

Advertising photography with S’Iza

He did a photo shoot for his first solo album at Arts Illustrated Studios with S’Iza. The photoshoot took place in a good mood, and the pop singer’s personality and style appear in the pictures. The purpose of the photo shoot was to make the pop singer better known to his fans, and the images used in the advertising campaign strengthened the identification of the brand.

Authentic pictures

Arts Illustrated Studios managed to create images of S’Iza that highlight the pop singer’s unique personality and style. The images of the advertising campaign successfully contributed to the identification of the brand and the promotion of the album.