Radics Gigi – Pop Singer Photography from Budapest, Hungary

Pop singer photo shoot – Gigi Radics, the new face of Megastar 6 winner

The Budapest film and photo studio Arts Illustrated Studios proudly presents Gigi Radics, winner of Megastar 6, who became the youngest mentor of the Hungarian X-Factor in 2017 at only 21 years old. Since then, Gigi Radics has been one of the biggest talents of the Hungarian music scene, who has also received recognition at the international level.

Gigi’s new look

During the photo shoot of the pop singer, we tried to show the unique style and personality of Gigi Radics. With the pictures, we wanted to highlight that the pop singer is not only talented but also very charismatic and attractive. The image photos contain elements that characterize the young singer: strength, confidence, and passion.

Quincy Jones and the USA

Gigi Radics was also noticed by Michael Jackson’s producer, Quincy Jones, who invited her to sing at the world-famous Jazz Festival in Montreux. Since then, he has been moving on the border between the genres of pop music and jazz and has been building an unstoppable career on the international music scene. His songs and video clips recorded in the USA were also a huge success.

Young talent and striking personality

The Arts Illustrated Studios team had the pleasure of working on the new face of Gigi Radics. During the photoshoot of the pop singer, we paid special attention to the details so that the images reflect Gigi Radics’ unique style and her personality, which is also inspiring for young people.

We hope that the pop singer’s photos will help him gain even more fans in Hungary and around the world. Thank you for working with us, and we wish you the best of luck in your future career!