Arts Illustrated Studios – Presentation book and musician photography for the band NOX

Arts Illustrated Studios, the film and photography studio in Budapest, offers unique services to musicians and artists. One of our latest projects was photographing the presentation book and image of the band NOX.

Unique style and inspiration

During the image photography, our goal was to highlight the unique style and creativity of the band members. We chose the cozy, special spaces in our studio as the location for the photo shoot to make the photos truly unique. The photos will also appear in the book and on the band’s CD album to give fans a complete experience.

Introducing characters

In the presentation book, in addition to the portraits of the band members, you can find the characters and inspirations that have defined the band’s work over the years. Thanks to the book, fans can gain an insight into the world of NOX and learn more about the elements that inspired the band.

The professional team at Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to have been involved in such a creative project and contributed to the band NOX’s image. We hope that fans will love the book and the photos and that NOX will continue to inspire the music world.