The Seychelles Islands

A magical trip to the Seychelles Islands: Guidebook photography, the dream assignment

The Arts Illustrated Studios team received a fantastic assignment: we traveled to the Seychelles Islands to discover and capture the islands’ beauty. Our goal was to convey the charm of the islands through pictures so that a travel book could then be created from our series of pictures.

Wildlife, people, buildings, and sunsets

The island’s natural features and wildlife are amazingly diverse. We captured everything from birds and turtles to local people to buildings and sunsets. We took to the skies and dived under the water to give the reader the most complete impression and profound feeling, to feel the captivating atmosphere of the island under his skin.

The magical world of the islands in pictures

Our trip to the Seychelles was a fantastic experience. We captured the magical world of the island through the pictures so that we could share the experience with the readers in the guidebook. I think we have managed to provide a profound experience and hope that with the help of the series of images we have created, visitors to Seychelles will enjoy their trip even more.