Géza Binder | Hairstyling

Arts Illustrated Studios – Special Portraits for the Hairstyling book of Master Hairdresser Géza Binder

Written by master hairdresser Géza Binder, the book presents iconic hairstyles from many eras on professional models and shares the secrets of how to create them. The professionals at Arts Illustrated Studios were happy to take on the project to create special portrait photos for the book.

Iconic hairstyles in pictures

During the Image Photoshoot, we worked with accented lights on the hairstyles to highlight the beauty of the hairstyles and capture the mood of the eras. During the creation of the portraits, we strove to ensure that each lock of the model’s hair has a special meaning in the photo, so viewers can also observe the details of the hairstyles.

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud that the special portrait photos taken for Géza Binder’s book further enhance the charm of the hairstyles in it and provide inspiration for both hairdressers and readers.