Bisogno | Advertising & Catalog Photography

Advertising & Catalog Photography for Bisogno: Elevating a Unique Fashion Brand

At Arts Illustrated Studios, we applied our unique and refined style to the Bisogno fashion brand photoshoots, bringing their products to life. Over the past three years, we collaborated with Bisogno to create the perfect campaigns that showcase the brand in its best light. As a result, the photographs truly capture Bisogno’s beauty and quality, helping the brand stand out from the crowd.

Enchanting Locations in Buenos Aires and Moscow

The enchanting locations of Buenos Aires and Moscow provided stunning backdrops for the memorable photoshoots that Arts Illustrated Studios created for Bisogno. The Red Square in Moscow and Boca Raton in Buenos Aires set the stage for the refined style that the Bisogno brand represents, while the Hermitage in St. Petersburg was the perfect location for exclusive catalogs. The unique locations, combined with the creative collaboration between Arts Illustrated Studios and Bisogno’s designers, ensured that something special was born.

Sharp and Beautiful Models

The models selected for the Arts Illustrated Studios photoshoots are sharp, beautiful, and exude confidence – perfect for representing the Bisogno brand. Working together with Bisogno, we were able to choose models who were ideal for showcasing their products. Our models were able to convey the movement of the clothes and highlight the refined style that Bisogno represents.

The Result – Inspiring Campaigns

The collaboration between Arts Illustrated Studios and Bisogno resulted in inspiring and unique campaigns. Our unique and refined style, high-quality photographs, enchanting locations, and creative collaboration with Bisogno’s team all contribute to the inspiring campaigns we create. The Bisogno brand was able to showcase their products in a way that truly captured their beauty and refinement.

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