Kérastase | Photo Advertisement

Photo Advertisement – Kérastase Hair Care Brand Showcase

At Arts Illustrated Studios, we take pride in our latest work – the photo advertisement for Kérastase, a renowned hair care brand. The project aimed to present the brand’s representation in Hungary and Russia through an exclusive brochure. With the expertise of master hairdresser Renáta Zsiga and the stunning looks of our model, Laura, the photo advertisement came to life in Budapest.

The concept of the photo advertisement was designed to showcase the effectiveness, quality, and elegance of Kérastase products. The Arts Illustrated Studios team worked on every detail, ensuring that the pictures delivered the desired impact. Our aim was to provide a fresh perspective that would make the brochure stand out from the competition.

Renáta Zsiga worked with Laura’s hair, using Kérastase products to highlight the brand’s quality and efficacy. Our photographers captured every angle with precision and expertise, ensuring that every shot captured the essence of the Kérastase brand.

“Care,” “Renewal,” and “Radiance.”

The photo advertisement resulted in an exclusive brochure that epitomized elegance and high-quality standards. The brochure was a true reflection of Kérastase’s philosophy – “care,” “renewal,” and “radiance.” Our team at Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to have been a part of this project, and we are committed to providing exceptional quality to all our clients.

In conclusion, our photo advertisement for Kérastase delivered on every aspect that the brand represents. With the help of Renáta Zsiga and Laura, we created an exclusive brochure that was both elegant and impactful. We look forward to partnering with brands that value creativity and excellence, to deliver exceptional results every time.