L’Oréal | Photo Commercial

Photo commercial for L’Oreal in collaboration with master hairdresser László Hajas

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to present our latest photo commercial, created in collaboration with renowned brand L’oreal and master hairdresser László Hajas. The shoot took place in a unique ballet hall located in an elegant palace building in downtown Budapest, and the result is a stunning collection of images that showcase the beauty and quality of L’oreal products.

An elegant and unique concept

For this photo commercial, we worked with László Hajas to create unique and stunning hairstyles that perfectly complemented L’oreal products. The elegant ballet hall provided a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the shoot, and we used the mirrors on the walls creatively to create striking compositions.

Challenges and the role of mirrors

The mirrors on the walls presented a challenge during the shoot, as their reflections could have interfered with the quality of the images. However, our expert team was able to use the mirrors to their advantage, creating unique and dynamic photos that highlighted the elegance and quality of L’Oreal products.

Arts Illustrated Studios is thrilled to share the final images from the photo commercial, which beautifully showcase the elegance and quality of L’Oreal products, as well as the talent of László Hajas. Despite the challenges posed by the mirrors, we were able to use them creatively to create stunning compositions that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the brand.

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