Nicole & Günter | Schloss Thalheim | Wedding Film & Photography

Fairytale wedding in Schloss Thalheim in the middle of faraway mountains

Schloss Thalheim was the location of the elegant and breezy wedding of Nicole and Günter. First, we met our loveliest wedding planner Sabrina Fechtinger, who arrived in a beautiful summer dress, showing us around Schloss Thalheim to find the perfect locations for our wedding film and photo sessions. The castle was beautiful and relaxed in the morning sunshine.

When we first met the groom,

his cheerful personality made a big impact on us. He and his two groomsmen were having a great time dressing up together, they toasted to their happy marriage several times in a row. From the amazing suite we moved our headquarters to the bride’s preparation, which was held in a majestic suite prepared for wedding couples. It was a magical moment when the bridesmaids helped Nicole to dress up, and the mother was also amazed how beautiful her daughter was in her wedding dress.

A sunny day in the amphitheater

As a unique venue for a perfect summer ceremony, Nicole & Günter said yes in the open air amphitheater in the garden of the castle, where Nicole arrived by a supercool white Tesla Model X. The bride’s door opened up vertically, making the exit as stylish as possible.

White doves flying from the park

All the guests moved with the couple to the park area, where under the shadows of the huge trees they all congratulated. This is where they opened the cage of the white doves, letting them fly away and spread the news of their love.