Andrea & Hunor | Schossberger Castle, Hungary | Wedding Photography

Noble castle under reconstruction

Andrea & Hunor chose a very special venue for their wedding, the Schossberger Castle, which was still under reconstruction, but looked super cool at the same time. The family members and other guests patiently waited for us to start the agape together, whilst we wandered around the abandoned rooms of the castle, shooting creative wedding photos with the couple. The contrast between the two young and handsome people in stylish wedding clothes, and the hundred years old, ruined walls of the castle made the creative shooting really interesting, we loved to photograph Andi & Hunor in the abandoned castle. Abundant light and romantic mood – a true 18th century castle. My favourite place was by the window, where both Andi and Hunor were captured by a reflection, watching each other.

Motorcycling to the altar, Harley-Davidson trip in the park

I had no room for error since most of the guests were part of a well-known Harley-Davidson rider gang, so the steaks were very high. I love rough guys, they were a lot of fun to photo shoot (until they shoot you …)! When your friends are members of elite motor gangs, it is inevitable that you have a Harley on your own. And if you have it, it will be part of the wedding photo session, you can be sure about that. The wedding couple jumped on their bike, rode a few circles around the castle, and they let us capture them on film by our beloved Nikon cameras.

Sky lanterns flying in the summer night

The party started in the castle park, where the guests had a great time dancing, talking and drinking outside, just like cool motor gang members would do in a nice party.

Wedding Location:
LƑrinci, Hungary
Wedding Ceremony & Party:
Schossberger Mansion