Mimi Maura – Music Singer Photo Session for Album Cover from South-America

Album cover shoot for Mimi Maura at Arts Illustrated Studios

Midnerely Acevedo, the world-renowned singer and songwriter better known as Mimi Maura, has started another art project. Arts Illustrated Studios was pleased to contact him to work together on the cover of his latest album, Misterio, and the image photos associated with the release.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The location of the photo shoot was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Mimi has been working and creating for years. The professional staff of Arts Illustrated Studios offered creative and beautiful solutions for the photo shoot so that the cover and images perfectly reflect Mimi’s unique style and artistic vision.

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to have worked with Mimi Maura, and we’re sure the resulting photos and album cover will appeal to fans and new audiences alike.