Magna Cum Laude – Music Band photos from Hungary

Arts Illustrated Studios: Musician photos for Magna Cum Laude’s new album

For Magna Cum Laude, the Hungarian funk-rock band’s latest album, “Magnatofon”, we took photos of the cover and inside pages. The photography was done in our studio in Budapest, where it was extremely important for us to properly develop the character, personality, and style of the artists.

Authentic, expressive musician portraits

During the collaboration, the musicians were very open and cooperative, helping us take authentic, expressive photos. We took pictures of each musician separately so that the different personalities and characters could appear in the photos.


During the photo shoot, our goal was to create images that harmonize with the music and style of Magna Cum Laude and correspond to the visual world of the “Magnatofon” album. The result was a series of expressive images worthy of the band’s art and the record.

We are glad that we managed to do such high-quality work. We hope that fans and music lovers will enjoy the album and the photos we took.