Luan by Lucia

Arts Illustrated Studios – Unique Fashion Photography for Luan by Lucia in Baroque style

Our Budapest film and photo studio created a unique photo series for the Luan by Lucia fashion house evoking baroque design. Appearance and individuality go hand in hand, and we tried to translate this approach into the pictures as well.

S. Hegyi Lucia Lead Designer

The leading designer of the Luan by Lucia fashion house, Lucia S. Hegyi, commissioned us to create a special photo series. The designer’s style and ideas inspired us to create images that faithfully reflect the uniqueness and holistic values of the fashion house.

Long Planning Process

A long planning and negotiation process took place before the photos were taken. The goal was to make every detail perfect and for the images to truly reflect Lucia’s vision. After the photography, we put a lot of emphasis on the digital compilation of the images so that the end result is even more magically realistic.

Magically realistic appearance

During post-production, the backgrounds were adjusted to the images in post-production, so that they highlight the unique appearance of the fashion house even more. The digital post-production required great precision, but the end result exceeded all expectations.

The result was a very demanding, magically realistic appearance, which brought great joy to the customer. The pictures truly reflect the unique style and holistic values of the Luan by Lucia fashion house.

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to be a part of the unique and magical Luan by Lucia fashion photo series.