Arts Illustrated Studios – Special Fashion Photos with a unique atmosphere

Our Budapest film and photo studio created photos with a unique atmosphere for a special fashion calendar. During the project, images were created that show the perfect combination of fashion and atmosphere.

Beautiful Model

A beautiful Ukrainian model at our photo shoot raised the standard of the pictures with her personality and radiance. Her clothes and her beauty formed a harmonious unity that was captivating.


A famous Hungarian stylist also contributed to the production of fashion photos, who turned the models’ clothes into real works of art with his skill and creativity. The stylist’s work highlighted the model’s figure and emphasized the details that made the photos even more exciting.

A special atmosphere

The photoshoot took place in a special atmosphere, which enhanced the magic of creating a fashion calendar even more. The play of colors and lights, the movement and radiance of the models, as well as the work of the stylist all contributed to the creation of a special fashion photo series that enchants the audience.

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to help celebrate uniqueness and beauty through fashion photography.