Vanessa & Dietmar | Las Vegas, USA | Wedding Film & Photography

A usual wedding expo in Germany with unusual consequences

We met with Vanessa and Didi on a wedding expo in Germany and instantly felt that we have things to do together. Things, like unusual wedding photography and wedding films, in a way it was never done before. Dietmar loves all kinds of extreme sports, he’s is a badass hipster and together with Vanessa they both wanted to have a crazy wedding in Las Vegas together with their friends and family.

Once upon a time in Las Vegas

Let’s jump ahead in time a few months, we are heading towards the USA equipped with the latest cameras and gadgets to record this lovely wedding in the cradle of all weddings, in Vegas. This wedding was one of the best adventures of us shooting wedding films and photos in the United States. It was a big challenge and needed serious preparation, as we were alone in the desert of Nevada and had to make super cool photo and film footage about the couple.

A whole new way of wedding storytelling: Storyline Wedding Film from the USA

Have you ever been lost in the desert without a clue? This time we went further and directed a STORYLINE FILM creating the bridge between fiction and reality. Here we put together a nice story with the help of the couple and our own bottomless fantasy factory between our ears, that is close to reality but finally turns out that has nothing to do with it. It is a real life drama wrapped into a Tarantino movie with a spice of Arts Illustrated Studios!
Find your own truth within the blossoming love story of Vanessa & Didi and enjoy Las Vegas baby! ūüėČ