Teqball 2nd Word Cup | Event Film

Teqball World Cup in Reims, France

Arts Illustrated Studios recently had the pleasure of documenting the Teqball 2nd World Championships in Reims, France on event film and photography. This exciting event brought together some of the world’s best teqball players, who competed in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events to determine the World Champions.

Teqball is a football-based sport that is played on a specially-curved table, known as the TEQ‚ĄĘ table. The game requires technical skills, concentration, and stamina, and has attracted a new generation of athletes and amateur enthusiasts who are passionate about developing their skills in this unique sport.

Corporate Event documentation

The event was held in front of a capacity audience of 3000 spectators, who cheered on their favorite players as they battled it out on the teqball table. The matches were intense and thrilling, and our crew had the honor of capturing the best moments and players of the tournament through film, interviews, and photography.

As a film and photo studio, we were excited to be a part of this event and showcase the skills and passion of these talented athletes. Our team of six crew members worked tirelessly to document every aspect of the championships, ensuring that we captured every moment of excitement and triumph.

The Teqball 2nd World Championships in Reims, France was truly an unforgettable experience for us, and we are proud to have been a part of it. We hope that our work will help showcase the skills and passion of these incredible athletes and inspire more people to take up this exciting sport.