Tanja & Thomas | Salzburg, Austria | Wedding Photography


We love to do wedding photography in Austria, and Tanja & Thomas could make this place very special again. The couple was getting married with a beautiful ceremony in the heart of Salzburg, unique moments were captured in the candlelights of the church, emotional hugs were given to the young couple. We captured everlasting moments of the just married couple in the intimate atmosphere here in the amazing Franziskanerkirche (Salzburg).

Dazzling panorama, romantic wedding

The party was hold in the beautiful Restaurant M32, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, on the top of the city, where the view was breathtaking. You could see the whole downtown, and the Salzburg Castle. Imagine that beautiful scenery with a gorgeous fireworks on top of it, giving sparkling texture to the sky. And with these lovely people, family and friends it was even more special.
We loved working with you guys, the wedding pictures came out great and we met some really great people and saw some meaningful friendships.
Have a great life together and love each other very much!
Wedding Location:
Salzburg, Germany
Wedding Party: