Scitec Nutrition | Film & Photo Campaign

Arts Illustrated Studios’ Film and Photo Campaign Introduces Scitec Nutrition Sportswear in Budapest

Arts Illustrated Studios is excited to announce our latest project – a film and photo campaign for Scitec Nutrition, introducing their new business line, Scitec Nutrition Sportswear. The campaign was shot in Budapest, and our team was responsible for the creative concept, casting, production management, and post-production.

Creative Concept

Working closely with Scitec Nutrition, our team developed a creative concept that combined the Danube, city, and modern street style to showcase their new sportswear line. We aimed to capture the essence of Budapest and the active lifestyle of its people through our lens.

Casting and Fitting

Our studio organized the casting of the models and fitting for the shoot. We were looking for models who embodied the active lifestyle and could showcase the sportswear in the best possible way.

Production Management

Our team worked closely with a stylist, make-up artist, and hairdresser on-site to ensure that everything was in place. We had a detailed plan for what to shoot on each location, based on the location scouting that we did earlier with the client.


After the shoot, our studio handled the post-production work. We created high-end image photos, an image film, and social media content simultaneously.

A new sportswear line

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to have been a part of this exciting project with Scitec Nutrition. We believe that our film and photo campaign effectively showcases their new sportswear line and captures the essence of Budapest.