Russian Standard Vodka | YouTube Film & Photo Series

YouTube film & photo series for Russian Standard

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to present the YouTube film and photo series created for Russian Standard, entitled “The bar as it should be”. Russian Standard is a Russian premium vodka brand that was introduced in 1998 and quickly emerged as one of the most serious premium vodka brands on the Russian market.

The bar as it should be

We filmed the YouTube series with the help of professional bartender, Alexandra, at the Black Swan bar, where she demonstrated the mixing of several iconic cocktails and shared tricks of the trade with fans. The cocktails featured in the series perfectly reflect the values of the Russian Standard brand, which include quality, elegance, and respect for Russian traditions.

Elegance and luxury

The YouTube film and photo series not only showcases the Russian Standard brand, but also highlights the unique ambiance of the Black Swan bar. With professional photos and videos, the series evokes a sense of elegance and luxury that characterizes both the Russian Standard brand and the bar experience.

The team at Arts Illustrated Studios was thrilled to collaborate with the Russian Standard team to create this exciting film and photo series. Every image and video we produced perfectly reflects the values of the Russian Standard brand, and we hope that those who view the series will enjoy consuming Russian Standard vodka just as much as we enjoyed creating the series.