Réka & Alfonso | Basilica & Spoon | Wedding Photography


There is a lovely little street between Chain Bridge and Erzsébet Bridge on the Buda side – this is where our story begins. A real Spanish destination wedding in Budapest took place here! The Chain Bridge and the Basilica were the background for the gorgeous photos we took when Réka was getting ready for the ceremony, it was already a beautiful start for the wedding photo shoot. Gábor Herendi, our good old friend was the Master of Ceremony, which was another piece of good news, since we knew that he’ll lead the events perfectly.

Romantic evening, crazy party

We thought that it was going to be an interesting wedding because of the mixture of the Hungarian and Spanish culture, but it was more than what we expected. Hungarian folks love to dance and Spanish folks love to party. Mix these two things together, and you will see dancers rolling on their heads and flying in the air. The wedding ceremony took place under the warm shades of the setting sun that was elegantly going for a rest behind the Buda Castle. Quite a moment. This passion could be seen on the couple as well. Every time I asked them to go in for a warm hug, they embraced in a huge kiss – these guys are on fire!

Vamos chichos! Los quieremos!

Wedding Location:
Budapest, Hungary
Wedding Ceremony: