Porcelain – music video for the Danish alternative rock band in Budapest, Hungary

The special music video for the Danish alternative rock band Porcelain

The latest song from the band Porcelain got a really special music video made by Arts Illustrated Studios. The studio’s task was to develop the creative concept, in addition to casting, production, and direction, recording, and editing the video.

Creative concept and direction by Arts Illustrated Studios

The concept of the music video was extremely creative and imaginative. The studio staff spent a lot of time coming up with the best ideas for the clip, and in the end, a story was born that was unique and exciting. The arrangement was also carried out by Arts Illustrated Studios, which guaranteed the best quality and imaginative implementation.

Dance casting and choreography

Arts Illustrated Studios carefully selected the dancers for Porcelain’s music video. During the selection, the studio staff looked for the dancers who best fit the creative concept and imaginative choreography. With the cooperation of the art director and the director, the dancers managed to develop a choreography that perfectly matched the mood of the song and the story of the video clip.

Snake on set

At the request of the director, the studio’s props arranged for a snake to appear; it was very exciting to work with an unusual reptile on the set.

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to be a part of the new music video for the band Porcelain. The studio hopes that the success of the clip will inspire other musicians to take a bold and creative approach to making their video clips.

Concept / Direction / Editing:
Luca Broglia