Nikola & Ben | Ibiza, Spain
Wedding Trailer
Nikola & Ben | Ibiza, Spain
Wedding Highlight Film

Nicola & Ben | Ibiza, Spain | Film & Photography

Destination wedding photography & cinematography in Ibiza made with love

We were super exited to go back to Ibiza for our next destination wedding photography and cinematography assignment. It was a pleasure to be part of Nicola & Ben’s romantic beach wedding in Cala Vadella, Ibiza. Our wedding photography session spiced up with wedding cinematography started in a Spanish villa, where the preparations took place. Nicola & Ben were enjoying their beautiful family, with their two little cute girls at the pool with all their friends. Great moments to capture candid portraits of the wedding guests. Nicola was dressing up besides the pool with the help of her bridesmaids, hanging up dhe wedding dress on a nearby palm tree with the lovely wedding shoes under it, maybe already planning the perfect detail shot for us.

Creative session with an old timer by the sea

After the dressing up we followed the couple’s old-timer and we had an amazing creative session in several gorgeous places in Ibiza. We were standing on tall rocks by the sea, in front of an abyss at the end of the island and did a great session using the old timer car as an excellent accessory.

Ceremony in blue flipflops and yellow sunglasses in Cala Vadella

The ceremony was directly on the beach of the picturesque Cala Vadella. This is actually on the beach, which means we were meters from the people having a great suntan and enjoying the wedding ceremony at the same time. The athmosphere was supercool with blue flip-flops and yellow sunglasses on all guests that they picked up at the entrance (of the beach). Later during the Spanish evening the Hot Ice Ibiza band elevated the mood with fresh local hadmade music, the family and friends had a great party under the stars, never forgetting this wonderful event.

A robbery that changed everything

There is one more painful reason this wedding left an everlasting memory, we got robbed in a famous viewpoint of Ibiza looking for ice spots for the creative session with the couple and lost most of our wedding film and photo equipment. It was one of the most terrible moments in our life, I personally thought we are out of business for good. My 25 years as photographer and filmmaker and 270 wedding plus the love of the Universe and of our couple made it possible that we could shoot next day with our only remaining equipment, one camera, one lens and a Gopro both the wedding photography and the wedding film material. At moments like this I feel we are all in the hands of a super strong force and hope that eventually all lessons are going towards the understanding what we are capable of. Crazy as it sounds, since this wedding my whole life changed to the better, I learned that material things come and go, but your body and spirit are here to stay till the very end. They will keep you high, healthy and happy, not the latest gadgets in the photo bag.