Natacha & Gábor | Hotel Corinthia & Downtown | Wedding Photography

A cool and beautiful couple from Switzerland

A few months ago we photographed a folk dancer couple’s wedding, where one of the main attractions was the brides-man himself, being a famous dancer in Switzerland with his beautiful french actress fiancée, Natacha. With their presence they made that wedding a long lasting memory. Soon, we found each others’ vibe so pleasing that they voted us to be their wedding photographer in their international wedding ceremony a year later.

Thank you, we were very lucky to be present

A truly international wedding, half in Geneva, Switzerland and half in Budapest, Hungary, with an interesting variety of nations amongst the guests. Check out the elegant Italian brides-man – what a great character he would be in a Martin Scorsese film!
Wedding Location:
Budapest, Hungary
Wedding Ceremony & Party:
Corinthia Hotel Budapest