Marina & Dimitrios | Sifnos, Greece | Wedding Film & Photography


We were super exited when Marina and Dimitrios invited our team to go to Sifnos, a beautiful island of Greece, to do destination wedding photography and destination wedding cinematography, and to document this special occasion.

Good vibes

We experienced such passion and love during the wedding that it still warms us up during this Christmas time. This wedding was really a unique one, not only because we had the chance to shoot the couple during several creative photography sessions before and after the wedding day too, also taking part in their after-wedding beach party, but also because of the special atmosphere. The destination wedding of Marina & Dimitrios was modern, elegant, but still traditional and authentic.

A gorgeous creative photography session

We started with a gorgeous creative photography session at the Chrisopigi Church – located on a peninsula – with cool morning lights. The way how the couple’s passion mixed with this perfect background amazed us. We captured the lovers on the beach and followed them into the water. Definitely loved every minute of the ‘work’.

The night before

In the evening, all the family members and friends got together for an authentic Greek evening, where – as a personal touch – the beautiful pre-wedding dress of the bride was designed by her designer friend, Suitcase.

The wedding day

On the wedding day everyone was super exited, so many emotional moments were captured. We’re so happy that we could be a part of this experience, thank you! Our favourite moment was the traditional give-away of Marina by her father and all the family members before the ceremony, and we also loved the funny preparations of Dimitrios, based on Greek traditions (shaving here and there) and more (pouring ice cubes and beer on the groom). Marina had a fantastic, modern wedding dress designed by Myrto Dramountani, and a pair of unique wedding shoes by Dolce Gabbana.

My favourite part

Personally my favourite part was when Marina walked along a small, narrow street to the church with all her family members and friends behind, the musicians playing in front of her, and I also loved the moment when they saw and kissed each other with Dimitrios on the courtyard of the small Taxiarchis Church, in Apollonia. The party was amazing as well, the most passionate one of all at the beautiful and cosy Rambagas Restaurant! Thank you for the decoration and organisation to Milk & Vodka, and also for the perfect shape of the couple to The Hundred.