Julia & Elliot | South Carolina, USA | Wedding Photography

Romantic wedding in America

We were very excited this October when we visited Charleston on the East Coast of the U.S. I (Barbara) haven’t been there before, but since our little trip, this is my favourite city of the East Coast. I would like to suggest for everyone to spend a few days in this magical place: spectacular, long seasides, relaxing and beautiful harbours full of fishing boats with dolphins swimming underneath, long piers and palm trees everywhere. Seagulls and other amazing birds are crossing, having a good time at the shore. This unique place, The Cottage Creek at Mount Pleasant, SC was the wedding venue of our sweetest couple, Julia and Elliot. Their love story started at BMW back in Germany, where they worked together. Julia is from Germany, while Elliot is from the U.S. The first time we met Julia on a wedding expo in Germany, we instantly loved her style and felt that she will like our photography and filming style too, and that the magic will happen.

The photography crew went for a discovery trip

Super nice people from all over the world came to South Carolina to celebrate Julia and Elliot’s love story. I started with photographing the girls, who came mostly from Germany. After arriving with a huge limo to an exclusive beauty salon, the girls started getting ready and soon became even more beautiful and glamorous. The men prepared in Hotel Marriott. From there they headed to the harbour and took over the local fishing boats under the lead of Elliot.

Intimate moments at the Creek

Julia and Elliot had their first look at the Creek and instantly immersed in the atmosphere of their big day. We took lots of romantic and also some pretty crazy shots during the creative photography session. From there, we continued with an intimate ceremony, which was held at the terrace of the Cottage. We also captured the sunset on film from the top of the building and made memories for the future generations with some creative pictures.

Wonderful wedding, great party

This day couldn’t have been more perfect. The party was unbelievable, all the family members and friends got insane (in a good way), dancing and having a good time together. I think everybody will remember this wedding until the end of their life – including us. Wishing you all the best and lots of happiness together! P.S.: We had the most wonderful journey across the USA after this wedding, check our next post for more photos.