Jack-Jack – Musician photos from Hungary

Musician photos: photography of the Jack-Jack rock&roll band

Ganxta Zolee (Ganxta Zolee and the Kartel) and Mester Tamás (Master and His Disciples), recognized figures of the Hungarian music scene, joined forces to create the real rock&roll band, Jack-Jack. The position of bass guitarist was taken by Szabi Papp (Supernem band), while the three existing members unanimously voted Tóth Tóth (Hooligans) into the band.

Rock&roll feeling of life

During the CD cover and image photo shoot, the boys blew up the Budapest film and photo studio of Arts Illustrated Studios and conveyed the rock&roll feeling of life in front of the cameras at every moment. The photos reflect the mood, wildness, freedom, and edginess that the Jack-Jack rock&roll band represents. These musician photos evoke feelings that fans can really relate to.

As a result of the collaboration between Arts Illustrated Studios and the Jack-Jack rock&roll band, we were able to create musician photos that convey the atmosphere and feelings embodied by the band to the fans.