Hooligans – Musician photos from Hungary

Arts Illustrated Studios: Hooligans musician photos

The Hooligans are a Hungarian pop/rock group who attracts attention with their rough appearance, wild appearance, tattoos, and piercings. Although they may seem tough to the outside world, motifs of love, idolatry of women, and hedonism often appear in their music.

Individual portraits were taken in the studio

Arts Illustrated Studios had the pleasure of working with the band Hooligans to capture the uniqueness of the band members. We built on the band members’ appearance during the photo shoot to highlight their edginess, casualness, and uniqueness.

Wild during the photo shoot

The boys brought their form to the photoshoot so that musician photos could be taken that reflect the style of the Hooligans’ music and the boys’ personalities. Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to participate in this project and hopes these images will further boost the Hooligans’ career.