Google Shopping Day | Event Film & Photography

Capturing the Best Moments of Google Shopping Day

As a film and photo team, we were honored to work with Google at one of Austria’s biggest retail conferences, Google Shopping Day, which was organized in Studios 44, Vienna. Our team was tasked with capturing the essence of the event through film and photography. We worked tirelessly to record all the speeches, workshops, and best moments of the happenings. Additionally, we had the opportunity to interview CEOs of the companies that participated in the conference.

Corporate event films and photos

Our team worked with heart and attention to ensure that every moment was captured with precision and care. We understand the importance of corporate event films and photos, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional work.

At Arts Illustrated Studios, we believe that a corporate event film should showcase the event’s highlights, key moments, and overall atmosphere. We worked to create a film that not only accurately represents the conference but also engages the audience and highlights the exciting aspects of the event.

Energetic and exciting event for retail

Our event photography is equally important, capturing the best moments in a way that showcases the event’s energy and excitement. We know that these photos will be used to promote future events and create a lasting memory of this incredible conference.

In summary, our team was thrilled to work on the Google Shopping Day event and provide our clients with a corporate event film and photography that they can be proud of. We understand the importance of creating a lasting memory of these events, and we will continue to deliver exceptional work that captures the essence of every corporate event we work on