Editorial photography for Elite magazine at Arts Illustrated Studios

The Budapest film and photo studio Arts Illustrated Studios is happy to undertake exciting and lively portrait photography. Our editorial photography for Elite magazine is a particularly great honor for us, as it is a well-known and recognized magazine.

Nóra Winkler’s cheeky and characterful portrait on the cover

During the editorial photography, we created expressive and vivid portraits for the magazine. A special portrait photo of Nóra Winkler, the popular presenter, was made for the cover. The picture fully asserts Nóra Winkler’s character and personality; the photo suggests a sassy and characterful atmosphere.

Arts Illustrated Studios is the perfect choice for editorial photo shoots

The professionals of Arts Illustrated Studios create editorial photos that satisfy all needs. During our portrait photography, we pay special attention to the fact that the images are full of life and expressive. Our professionals have extensive experience in editorial photography, and we always tailor our work to the needs of our clients. If you also want sophisticated and special editorial photos, choose Arts Illustrated Studios!