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Daalarna Fashion Show in Budapest

It’s amazing to be a part of a fashion show, especially Daalarna’s bridal and casual wear designed by Anita Benes. The latest collections dreamed up from the uniquely designed clothing poems of the deservedly world-famous Daalarna come to life every spring in Budapest, which events are captured on film by the Arts Illustrated Studios team. This event is one of the most attention-grabbing fashion shows every year, an event that fashion lovers look forward to.

An event film is being made behind the scenes

We work with a professional team of 6 people at the event, backstage, on the preparations, we capture the show from several special angles, making sure that the details of the unique clothes and the fall and texture of the special materials are also shown. In addition, we recorded the reactions of the spectators and the sponsors’ stands, as well as the reception moments after the show. This interesting background footage gives a complete picture of the event and allows viewers to experience the Daalarna Fashion Show.

Event film, Social media film, and Long film for the Showroom

The Daalarna Fashion Show is a spectacular event with a special atmosphere every year, it is an honor to make Daalarna’s official Instagram and Event film, as well as a Long film showing all the clothes of the entire show, which is the highlight of the Daalarna Showroom for a year. When editing the films, we use many special creative effects and techniques in line with the latest trends, so that the event films are exciting and spectacular year after year. The experts at Arts Illustrated Studios always pay attention to the smallest details and do their best to bring the Daalarna Fashion Show to life through their films. This work is not only about showing unique clothes but also about giving the viewers a taste of the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world.