Budapest Airport | Image Film

Arts Illustrated Studios – Creating an Image Film for Budapest Airport in Collaboration with Teqball

Arts Illustrated Studios, a Budapest-based film and photo studio, is thrilled to present its latest project – an image film created for Budapest Airport. The aim of this film is to showcase the airport’s unique atmosphere and services, highlighting it as a place where people can enjoy their time and take advantage of various entertainment options.

Introducing Teqball – The Sport of a New Generation

One of the main focal points of the image film is Teqball – an innovative sport played on a specially curved table, the TEQ™ table. This sport attracts a new generation of athletes and amateur fans who aim to improve their technical skills, concentration, and stamina. Teqball is gaining increasing popularity around the world, with more than 100 countries already playing the sport.

Exciting Filming at Budapest Airport

Arts Illustrated Studios embarked on an exciting and challenging task to create the Budapest Airport image film. During filming, a Teqball table was set up in the airport area and on the runway, where players had the opportunity to showcase their skills. The unique sight of filming this interesting sport in close proximity to huge passenger planes made for a thrilling experience. The Arts Illustrated Studios team thoroughly enjoyed filming, and we hope that the end result is an image film that accurately portrays the atmosphere and spirit of Budapest Airport.

Arts Illustrated Studios is proud to have worked in collaboration with Teqball to create an image film for Budapest Airport. Through the use of innovative filming techniques, we were able to capture the airport’s unique energy and showcase the sport of Teqball. We think that this image film encourages people to visit the airport, explore its various services and take part in the exciting sport of Teqball.