HiPEAC Conference film and photography in Budapest in 2022. Check out the IT superstars of the world in action!

What a group of IT PROS!

This conference was more than what a usual filmmaker nerd like us had imagined! This year the conference took place in Budapest, Hungary and we had the privilege to provide the conference film and photography services to HiPEAC (High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation), a premier focal point for networking, dissemination, training, and collaboration activities in Europe for researchers, industry, and policy related to computing systems. Today, its network, the biggest of its kind in Europe, numbers over 2,000 specialists!

You can see their amazing accomplishments and get to know them better on their up-to-date website: https://www.hipeac.net/

Finally, we had a clear understanding of how the SSD-s work in our photo and film cameras! The keynote speech was given on the third day by Bianca Schroeder, who opened up our understanding of the pros and cons of the technology. During the 3 days, countless exciting technical problems were named and examined from the perspective of leading industry specialists and professors.

Have a look at the first day’s happenings, key talk presenter, and other IT gurus in action:

We know that the behind-the-scenes are much more interesting.
So there is a little candy shop of unnecessary photos just to make our lifes a bit more understandable:
Conference film and photography

AIS in action recording an interview in Novotel hotel in 2022, for HiPEAC

Conference film and photography

AIS decently posing for the intelligent mirror application

Conference film and photography

With Madeleine Gray from HiPEAC (call her Maddy:), our excellent event coordinator, who has a big heart and an even bigger smile!

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