Susan & Stephan | Bali, Indonesia
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Susan & Stephan | Bali, Indonesia
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Susan & Stephan | Bali, Indonesia
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Susan & Stephan | Bali, Indonesia | Film & Photography


If you could choose a destination anywhere around this wonderful planet to spend two weeks of your precious life, where would it be? Chances are high you had Bali in mind, because it is so beautiful and friendly that it is attracting you like a magnet even years after your first visit.

A glorious wedding ceremony on the steep hillsides of Bali.

Wake up with the sunshine playing with the waves and wind, ancient traditions, beautiful colors, friendly people, amazing art markets, mysterious fire dancers – that’s Bali. Come and travel with Susan & Stefan and with us through this breathtaking experience. We will take you to Bali to go through all these exiting happenings with destination wedding photography and destination wedding cinematography we did at this wedding.

Beautiful environment, romantic moments

Our lovely couple live in Munich, but as Susan’s family is from Indonesia, they decided to have their fantastic destination wedding in Bali, which I think was the best choice they could make. Our journey started at Kuta Beach, where you can surf on cool waves and see the most colorful sunset of your life. The mysterious, emotional and also very elegant ceremony took place in the famous Tirtha Bridal Uluwatu. This gorgeous wedding venue is on the edge of a huge cliff with magnificent view, each and every detail beautifully designed, romantic but still modern. In the evening all the lights reflected in the pool, as the shine of the firework, Susan & Stefan just fit into this unique atmosphere, as a prince and princess of an amazing wonderland.

Soaked bride!

You cannot see very often a beautiful bride jumping into the pool at the day of the wedding, but Susan did, as Stefan was waiting for her to make some underwater kissing by the colorful lights of the night.

A little 5 days trip in Bali

To stay short, considering that our adventure just started after all this. We captured the lovers playing with monkeys, riding elephants, running on the beach, we followed them through rise fields, mountains, volcano and all ancient heritage of Bali.