Aini & Vishwa | Ahmedabad, India | Film & Photography

Aini & Vishwa’s glorious wedding in India and Dubai

Just like in real estate, the key to great wedding photography and wedding films is location, location, location! And what location is more beautiful than India and Dubai? Just imagine a magical wedding in traditional style in India and later a fantastic creative session in the middle of modern Dubai! That is exactly how our unforgettable adventure with beautiful Aini & handsome Vishwa happened!

Incredible India

With its glorious colors and surreal locations it is a dream for every enthusiastic wedding photographer, wedding film maker. But this extraordinary wedding, all the wonderful details, every part of the ceremony, the clothes, the ornaments, the scents, the sounds, not to mention the food… the whole experience was like a journey back to the old India of the Maharajas!
As a nice contrast to this magical, sprawling, Indian fairy-tale wedding, the skyscaper-filled city of Dubai was the perfect choice for a majestic creative session with the couple, with its nice, modern, spacious locations! Have a look at the wedding photo gallery and the wedding highlight film and take a trip to these wonderful places yourself!