Maria & Markus | Schloss Obermayerhofen, Austria | Film & Photography

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

It all started here. We met with Markus in Vienna after a short phone conversation where it turned out that he loves our style, we will work together on a beautiful project. The project was his marriage in Schloss Obermayerhofen, where he wanted a boldly daring, wildly creative wedding film and photo team to document this stylish celebration packed with his family and friends. Also lots of workmates were present from Google, where he is working for a long time. Matthias his boss and Peter, a YouTube manager were congratulating him and Maria in the courtyard of the castle right after that the couple crossed the bubble shover coming down the stairs after the celebration.

Vine Yards & Forests

The creative session started in the surrounding vine yards, optimal place for two sport lovers to hike around, and also a picturesque landscape for the keen drone operator collegue. We took countless personal portraits and also formal wedding pictures, the like you are supposed to photograph in the courtside of a castle. And we also took real wedding photos, where the feelings where overwhelming, love was all around the place. This is what I look for the most in weddings, the reality factor of it, documenting actually an emotion, a feeleing, the touch of never ending love.

Schloss Obermayerhofen

This castle is the right place for romantic warriors, people with overwhelming emotions . The rooms where you dress, the hidden passages around the castle where you do the creative session, the lovely chapel, where the wedding celebration is taking place are all for folks living the wedding day in a dreamy state, in the edge of reality and white-hat magic. From the creative session the couple followed the guests and joined the agape in the park of the castle. You can imagine the party these folks put on! If not, we welcome you to have a look at the Wedding Trailer. I like the Wedding Highlight film and the Wedding Feature film as well, but its the Trailer thats making the most impact on the people, one of the best Trailers we ever put together.